1. Team issue.™

  2. I moved to Portland for the clouds. If you know, you know.

  3. This road seems all to simple to follow, we move along trying to find meaning within it. Sometimes things we pass seem insignificant and have little to say to us until we think about it. Other times we learn a great deal from the stops and bumps. Trying to understand things as they come is difficult, but the road continues. It doesn’t really stop. The most significant experience ultimately just contributes to your essence for the rest of the journey. My essence is ultimately a reflection of my experiences and the people that are around me.

    Thank you for being part of my experience and putting up with my Instagram nonsense that acts as my visual diary and sometimes written diary.

  4. #1

  5. This is my friend Leonard, he’s a really cool Hawaiian I know. My friends Kyle, Mike, Chris, Lance and Leonard were part of a luau that I attended on saturday. They performed with the best of them and easily made my night. They shared their culture with my friends and I and continue to do so through their friendship. They are some of the most positive and happy people I know. I am pretty excited every time I can call them my friends. 

  6. It been beautiful the past few days on the Bluff. Being from Southern California where the sun does not ever really go away, I took it for granted. The sun was something I wanted to escape, its merciless heat that dries everything out. I moved to Portland with full hopes of enjoying a real winter. I have done just that, kinda. At first it was cool and I was captivated by every storm that came in and passed. Then I felt it getting the better of me and from what I understand this has been one of the driest years in recent history for Portland. So now that the sunshine days are few and far between I cherish them. I spend my days in it as opposed to hiding from it. These flowers are a testament to its strength and beauty. 

  7. Leonardo wanted to walk my beagle so I told him he could.

  8. Since moving from California I have participated in the making of a few different meals and deserts. A version of these cinnamon rolls popped up in my tumblr feed. My friend Summer ( suddenly-summer ) had reblogged the glorious picture. Not 5 minutes later did I think “why not make them?” So I asked Summer and another friend of mine Taulia ( vvhitewater ) if we could. Not expecting a yes they returned with excitement and high hopes of making an even better version. This is what we came up with after I unfortunately ruined the flour and the future did not look bright.

    Thank you Summer and Taulia for your guys patience and enthusiasm. This is only the start. Desert pizza is next.

  10. Night walks.

  11. Disneyland just likes anything else is much better with friends. I was able to chill with both new and old friends and that made the day exceptional. Abe even caught up with me for a little and it was nice seeing him. Until the next time I get to go, this should hold me over. 

  12. Disneyland is supposed to be the happiest place in the world, I think it does a pretty good job at living up to the hype. But none the less my friends and family made the journey to have a fun filled day of laughs and lines. Willow and Eddie tagged along and enjoyed themselves too! Wait for part two in a bit. This should hold you over in the mean time.

  13. Sky dwelling.

  14. Hi Eddie! #nomnomnom (at Paradise Pier)

  15. The Passat’s final night.

    So the final night came, it came before we knew it or ever thought it would. The unexpected project that came with apprehensions and annoyance. None the less, Sebastian didn’t have a choice, he needed a car and this is what was available. Little did we know it became something we learned from and grew to love. The Passion Project has seen it’s final night and I even got to drive it one last time. Thanks Sebastian ( @sebgarr ), I know you hated every bit of that part.

    Its time for the next project, this one will change the game for us. Be on the look out.