1. "The easiest thing to do is be really frustrated or always have that, “Fuck I wish I had done it” [thought process]. Don’t. The moment you’re nostalgic or bummed about something, it will get in the way of everything else."
  2. He wasn’t ready for the hype. #NickandJoonsadventures (at Flight Club Los Angeles)

  3. Sky dweller.

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  5. #cloudporn (at St. John’s)

  6. #fuckurthrowback

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  9. at Hood River

  10. More to come from Philip’s A4. (at St John’s Bridge….Cathedral Park)

  11. nickcoogan:

    Fresh off the press, get them while they are HOT! 

    They have arrived, the very first run of T-shirts from yours truly. The “city series” as it has been dubbed is dropping to you guys (my friends) in a very limited and exclusive run that will not ever be recreated. The “Palms” tee is for all you hipsters in need of a new tshirt to rock. “Night life” is for the even bigger hipster who is into that super abstract crap that you can’t get enough of. And last we have the “Flags” tee, this one is for the all the AMERICA lovers out there. Each of these pictures displayed on the front of the shirts was taken by myself. These shirts were also printed in the USA so you can be happy with your purchase knowing you are supporting the local economy and not the sweat shops the shirt you’re currently wearing was produced in. This is your chance to catch one of the original prints from me. You can get them from me for a limited time and once they are gone, thats it, no more will be made. 

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    Damn it’s been over a year since then. Crazy to think about.

  12. The Miata’s from the show were alright. Although my favorite one was there and you already know I took plenty of pictures of it. Livinlow_Deeezydoesit’s Miata has exceptional fitment and spotless body lines. 

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  13. One of my all time favorite 335s. Those TE37s work wonders on it, who knew?

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  14. This E21 was exceptional. 

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  15. All of these cars are significant for myself in one way or another, and they were looking tip top for Wekfest.

    Stay tuned I’ve got more coming.

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